Friday, July 31, 2009


Here comes trouble...Watch out about 12-14 years :) Here is what you are up against!

I am sure that most of you have heard about the 7 year boy from Weber County, Utah that took his parents car for a joyride on a Sunday morning because he didn't want to attend church. As I was watching that I began to have fears that would be my child and could possible be my fault for giving him toys that could teach him how to drive.
Jackson who is now 4 received a Power Wheels Jeep for his 2nd birthday. Looking back I am wondering what I was thinking getting him a jeep when he was so little but he loved it and was able to drive it. He has become the best little driver I have ever seen...Here he is on his 2nd birthday with Carson who is only 6 months at the time.
Since then he has now mastered the skill of driving..he can back around corners, park, maneuver he jeep in tight places all in matter of less than 2 years. Carson who is now 2 1/2 has since figured out how to drive the jeep and has claimed it as his since Jackson has been riding his two wheeler.

But last night there was two little girls that are 2 years old that received jeeps recently and they were out in the neighborhood driving so this meant my boys had to get theirs out. So we had a little Jeep party. It was quite cute. Here are some pictures...

Here are the three Jeeps :) Cruising the neighborhood!

Jackson and Trinity (both share the same birthday April 11th just 2 years apart)
Carson and Olivia..he wanted to drive her jeep :) They took the ladies on a little ride..Carson and Olivia were having a good time until Carson tried to put his arm around her...she wanted nothing of that so she tried to bolt out of the jeep without him stopping..I laughed and thought he goes life for boys and girls :)


blakeandcourt said...

That is great your little boys can drive so well! Just hide your car keys when they get older and don't want to go to church! LOL The neighborhood kids look so cute driving around.

Jeana said...

goodness look how little those guys were, I don't believe it. Carson's cute chunky face.

Kelly said...

I love those pics. They had a lot of fun the other night.