Friday, July 31, 2009


Here comes trouble...Watch out about 12-14 years :) Here is what you are up against!

I am sure that most of you have heard about the 7 year boy from Weber County, Utah that took his parents car for a joyride on a Sunday morning because he didn't want to attend church. As I was watching that I began to have fears that would be my child and could possible be my fault for giving him toys that could teach him how to drive.
Jackson who is now 4 received a Power Wheels Jeep for his 2nd birthday. Looking back I am wondering what I was thinking getting him a jeep when he was so little but he loved it and was able to drive it. He has become the best little driver I have ever seen...Here he is on his 2nd birthday with Carson who is only 6 months at the time.
Since then he has now mastered the skill of driving..he can back around corners, park, maneuver he jeep in tight places all in matter of less than 2 years. Carson who is now 2 1/2 has since figured out how to drive the jeep and has claimed it as his since Jackson has been riding his two wheeler.

But last night there was two little girls that are 2 years old that received jeeps recently and they were out in the neighborhood driving so this meant my boys had to get theirs out. So we had a little Jeep party. It was quite cute. Here are some pictures...

Here are the three Jeeps :) Cruising the neighborhood!

Jackson and Trinity (both share the same birthday April 11th just 2 years apart)
Carson and Olivia..he wanted to drive her jeep :) They took the ladies on a little ride..Carson and Olivia were having a good time until Carson tried to put his arm around her...she wanted nothing of that so she tried to bolt out of the jeep without him stopping..I laughed and thought he goes life for boys and girls :)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Days of '47 Fun

We had a fun filled all started on Wednesday night when we were able to go the Rodeo with Grandma 'Jean. My boys love the Rodeo and could not take their eyes off of it the entire time...Carson loved to go over to the where they took the calves after then were finish using them. He would stand there is just watch :) Jackson sat with Grandma and talked all about Rodeo things :) Jackson sure has a love of rodeo's just like Grandma.

The next day we picked up Aunt Kirsten from the airport and went to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple open house with her and our cousins Emily and was super hot so we did not take many pictures. But here is a cute one of Jackson and his cousin Emily.

On Friday which is the official 24th of July we got up early and went and had breakfast with Grandma LaJean and headed over to watch the parade which was a first for me and my kids. We got front row seats and the kids had a blast. After the parade we catch up with our favorite cousins....Emily and Paige and went and saw the Kennecott Copper Mine which was also a first for all of us. It was really neat and amazing how deep they are in the earth. My boys particularly loved to watch the earth movers. We had to take a picture next to the huge tires that are on the trucks. It was amazing that the workers had to use a huge latter to get into the trucks.

After visiting the copper mine we came home so that I could start to prepare all the food for Aunt Jeana's baby shower. I hurried and whipped out a cake, brownies all before Rick came home and we decided to go and watch the fireworks at the Bee's game (even though the official game was cancelled) It was a fun night with a million people it seemed. We watch the fireworks with Uncle Brian, Aunt Amanda, Emily, Paige, Aunt Kirsten. Carson did not like them...the noise is really hard on his ears. Even though he has tubes for over a year now his ears still give him some trouble. I hope that he outgrows it at some point. So I had to lay with him and cover his ears while he watched. The fireworks lasted a long time. The boys were so tired by the end of the day, as was I...I could no longer remember what day it was. I still had to come home, go to the store and finish the things for Jeana's shower. I didn't finish until after 1 am and feeling very guilty for not exercising and having a huge amount of stress I decided that exercise was my best bet so I went to the gym and did cardio for 45 mins. I came home and fell asleep about 2:30am just to awake a 6:30am. The shower went well...After the shower I came home and went and celebrated my husband and I's 6th wedding anniversary. I am not sure what we were thinking of getting married over a holiday weekend.
I am so lucky to have such a great husband and best friend to share my crazy but fun life with. So that is my life over a short weekend...and now I just want to do nothing for awhile..but can't this weekend we are going out of town for Rick's 10 year class reunion. Crazy!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Can we buy one?

I went to Costco to pick up some pictures this afternoon with my boys and we were walking through the clothes and Jackson said to me, "Mom can we buy a new sister?" I replied that we don't buy babies at the store and then he thought about it for a minute and said, "Where did we come from?" I said from Mommy's tummy. "Well, we need a new sister in mommy's tummy." About 10 minutes later he looked at me and said, "Mom, where did you come from then? If I came from your tummy where did you come from?" I said, Grandma Kathy...Ahh the innocence of children. And NOOOOOOO this is no annoucement. Just loving the two boys I have :)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Mr. Dare Devil Jackson

Jackson has become quite the risk taker between learning to ride his bike without training wheels (early April) to now going over bumps to get air on his bike. It is quite crazy to watch him grow up and become a little boy now....he loves to ride his bike and spend anytime outside that he can.

Jackson's newiest thing that he loves to do is jump off the diving board at the pool. This is with a life jacket but I am sure in no time he will be doing it without one. I just get nervous with him not wearing one. He will jump and jump over and over until I have to make him stop. He loves to swim and has become quite the little fish.

Carson and his Jamies :)

Carson on most days refuses to wear anything but his pajamas...I usually make him change while we go out in the morning but without fail he comes home and wants them back on for his nap. I do not understand his desire to wear his pajamas....not only his pajamas but his baseball pajamas that are completely worn out and embarrassing at sometimes. But oh well they are only little once...and hopefully soon his out grows these :) I will eventually have to hide these. Also this little dog is best friend. Schnitzel is the dogs name and he goes every where with us. We have to make sure that he is in bed with him at night and covered as well as give him a good night kiss. He also tells everyone that Schnitzel is a good dog and hat he doesn't bite and that he just likes to be petted on his head. Very cute :)

Alright here I go...I am going to try and do this whole blog thing. I hope that it will help me keep a better record of the funny things that my kids do and say...I can't believe how fast my boys are growing up and how much fun we have together.

This summer we have been keeping busy...going to the pool, spending time in Oregon with my family and also going to the Neola Rodeo which my boys love. They were pretty tramtized that they did not catch a bunny. I was okay with it though what would I do with a bunny in Salt Lake City? Our cousin talked me into doing the Mother's Pig Chase with her...I almost had the pig I had the head of it but this lady (who wins every year) pull it and layed flat on the pig....but don't worry I will be ready next year now that I know what to do.
I will try to be better at updating this because I love to read everyone else's blog to see how they are doing.