Monday, July 19, 2010

Family Pictures

These were taken on July 4, 2010 in Roosevelt, Utah
The whole Rasmussen Family

All the grandkids...with grandma and grandpa...we have 6,5,4,3,2,1 and 8 months and 2 months.

Rick and his boys Jackson and Carson

Natalie and I

Rick and I (will be celebrating our 7 wedding anniversary at the end of this month)

Natalie 2 months old
Carson 3.5 years old

Jackson 5 years old
Here are the kids together....

I really wanted to take some family pictures since our family had gotten bigger so I asked my sister in law to take them and then it turn into a huge family shoot with everyone. Here are some of the pictures really hard to get everyone to cooperate. Luckily we had some help from Rick's aunt Becky.


Here are all the neices and newphews on my side except for my brothers son.

The month of June was very busy for are some of the things we sister and her family (5 girls) came from Texas for a little over 2 weeks and during those two weeks we went the the pool 5-6 times, went to Lagoon, Seven Peaks, miniture golfing, shoping, alpine slides, temple square twice, went up the canyon, saw the big crater in Midway, blessed Natalie, these are just to name a few of the things we did. My sister Helen and her husband Matt came with there two boys and well as my parents came. It was really nice to see everyone and we all had a great time together. We never had a dull moment. They stayed in Midway and we put lots of miles on all of our cars seeing each other.
Here was are roasting hotdogs up in Millcreek canyon.

In June my boys also played Tee-Ball they had 2 games a week and Rick was their coach. I am pretty proud of them they actually did a really good job. Carson once hit the ball so hard it hit a little kid in the chest his response was he should have been watching. Jackson was almost always on top of the ball even if that meant another kid was under him. My boys are not afraid to be agressive when it comes to sports guess they get that from their dad.
Here is Natalie the boys' cheerleader..this little cheerleading outfit is my sister-in-laws that she has the fits a teddy bear looked super cute on Natalie. She was 4 weeks old here.

We blessed Natalie on June 13th it was a really nice day, we had lots of family there to support us. For the first time my family was bigger then Rick's doesn't happen very often. I am glad everyone was there to share with us this special time. Natalie looked beautiful and Rick did a great job on the blessing.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Jackson graduated!!

Jackson is moving on to bigger and better things....KINDERGARTEN!!!

Jackson went to Woodstock elementary for his second year of preschool. He will be attending kindergarten there next fall. I can't believe that I will have a kid in kindergarten, I know most of you reading this have kids in all types of grades or not even in the house but this is a big deal for us. Carson will also be starting preschool next year. Jackson singing her songs...
Jackson getting his diploma..from his teacher Miss Angie.

It doesn't get much better than this...

My Boys are so good with Natalie, I have been very blessed to have not had to deal with any jealous or feeling neglected. Rick and I still try to do special things with each of them even if it is just cuddling them or taking one to the store with us. Rick has take the boys to practice t-ball by themselves several times but regardless of that Jackson and Carson are so excited to be big brothers to Natalie. They always want her to be with them whatever they are doing, they want to feed her, burp her, bath her, play games with her. Some people freak out when they see that I let the boys hold her and even let Jackson carry her around the the main floor but I think it is important that they feel that they are just as important in taking care of her as I am, this is their baby as much as mine and Rick's. They are always calling her beautiful and princess and any other girl name. Here they are having a sleep over in her room, Jackson is feeding her.
Here are all the boys and princess in the middle.

Jackson cuddling Natalie.

Carson was feeding Natalie and feel asleep, this was in the days of when it would take her an hour to eat (those days are gone switched bottles :) )

Thursday, May 6, 2010

She's HERE!!!

Here she is... Natalie was born on May 3rd, 2010 at 1:14pm she was only 5 lbs 12 oz and 18 1/2 inches long. She is just perfect. She sleeps good and has a mild temperment. We are so excited to have this little girl join our family. The boys are doing good. They are always making sure she is okay and has everything she needs. She eats good and sleeps really good. We are so blessed to have such healthy and beautiful baby born. Here she is tipping the scales at 5 lbs. 12 oz (Jackson was 6 lbs 11 oz and Carson was 7 lbz 12 oz we for sure thought she would be bigger)

Feeding her in the recovery room. She was ready to eat.

Feeling good and satisfied after eating ready for a nap.

Our first family picture of 5 can't wait for many more of these.

Carson and baby "M"adaliee (how he says Natalie)

Jackson being the good big brother

First picture home all nice, comfy and cozy.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

We are still alive....

Alright I know I am horrible at this whole blogging thing when it comes to keeping up with mine however I love checking everyone elses so I have a renewed hoped that I will improve and try to do it a little more often. My life has been super crazy since I blogged last but more in the last month then ever before. Since I blogged last we have celebrated Christmas, New Years, Valentines St. Patricks Day Easter and Jackson's 5th Birthday you would think that I had lots to blog about. But today I am going to talk about our projects we have been working on for the last month. Rick and I have been talking about putting new carpet in our house of a long time basically since we moved in, the builders (DR Horton) did the cheapest crap ever so we thought well let's do it before the baby comes so since we were going to do carpet we might as well paint the whole house and put hardwood in the kitchen which did not seem like that big of a project at the time. So we started with painting the first weekend of April, and Rick thought well lets just pull back the carpet so we can paint the baseboards easier, so that was my job to paint all the baseboards and doors (keep in mind I am 36 weeks pregnant) We painted every wall and ceiling in this house as well as baseboard. Painting takes a long time, the next weekend we celebrated Jackson's birthday and recruited the family to help put in hardwood floors they didn't finish them however did get a lot done and help Rick get started, we have since finished the hardwood and they look beautiful, carpet went in about a week and half ago and it is so nice to have good soft carpet I am in love with it. We are getting close to being done however we have a few odds and ends here and there that Rick has been wraping up. It looks soo good however so different, before we had light carpet and light wall color, now we have dark carpet and a darker brown wall color. It has made it look like a brand new place. You will all have to come and see it after I have the baby....which will be here in about 6 days. I am getting more excited now that things are almost done to have this little girl. Natalie is scheduled to be born on May 3rd at 12 at Alta View. I promise to update my blog and post pictures as soon as I take some of this little girl. The boys are now sharing a room and can't wait for baby Natalie to come. Here are a couple of pictures of the last few months...

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Temple Square Christmas Lights


Jackson and Carson actually both looking at me :) Miracle!! The boys and I have the opportunity to go downtown and look at some of the lights at temple square, we had dinner with Rick's mom and headed over to see them. It was fun for the boys to see all the lights. They always talk about the Salt Lake Temple where mom and dad got married and it was so fun to walk around the temple and look at the lights. We also watched the nativity scene, it is so beautiful. Here are a couple of the pictures :)

Me and the boys....

Carson wanted to know when baby Jesus was coming out so he could hold him. The innocence and purity of children.