Saturday, October 31, 2009

Fall Day at the Zoo

On my first day off during the week I decided to do something fun with the I went to the zoo. Our buddies Bryton and Alisha joined us. It was the perfect to go the weather was nice and all the animals were out. Hogle Zoo has a cute little baby elephant, who ever thought that a baby that was born weighing over 250 POUNDS would be cute. She is super playful and cute to watch her be next to her mommy. It was a fun day!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

We're Alive!!!

Yes, we are alive and well....sorry I have been a ablogger slacker my life has been temporarily busy and crazy but I have finally gotten in a good swing of it now. So hopefully I will do better at blogging...we have a lot of exciting things happening at our house, we went to the circus to get us ready to celebrate Carson's 3rd Birthday party which was a 3 ring was pretty fun to have all the little neighbor kids over for his birthday. We even gotten to see some of our friends who we don't see as often as we would like, Thanks Noah for coming ... you are the funniest kid I know. At his party we had a tight rope, pin the nose on the clown and even a mucsle man contest. And of course we couldnt' have a circus without some cotton candy. His party was a huge success even though all the treats I ordered didnt' show up until after the party. In the mist of the birthday celebrations I started a new evening job however training was every day from 11:30-8 which was totally exahusting me. I must tell you how blessed I am to have some friends that were willing to help me out and take my kids, Thank you so much Alisha I really couldn't have done it without you, I forever owe you. Kristin I appreciate your willingness to take them even when you were probably super tired, and Kelly and Heather my boys had a blast playing with your kids. I really do appreciate you all...

....So I must say more about this job before I move on. I wanted to get a job to give my brain some challenge and growth, so Rick supported me in find a job that would be part time that would allow me to do that as well as be there for my kids. So I was looking for more a part time job maybe 20 hours a week however, I stumbled upon this one and it was been such a blessing. I am an underwriter for Discover Personal loans. It takes a lot of brain work and some days is so much that it is physically exhuasting. It pays really well and has killer benefits, however I have to work from 3-9 each day which was more then I wanted but not bad since Rick gets off work by 4. So in the mist of getting a job I found out that we are PREGNANT! We are expecting our third child, on Mother's dr changed the due date to saturday so he has a little more ley way since I have c-sections.

My boys are super excited and can't wait for this little baby to come into our home. I am 12 weeks along and have been soo stinkin sick. Never felt like this before. I take a super nausea pill. With my boys I throw up once a day and then was fine. I worked full time while pregnant with my boys so this should be a breeze only working 30 hours. Plus I think it is great for Rick to spend time with the boys. We are excited to be adding to our family.

Life is good, we are truly blessed!!