Friday, July 17, 2009

Carson and his Jamies :)

Carson on most days refuses to wear anything but his pajamas...I usually make him change while we go out in the morning but without fail he comes home and wants them back on for his nap. I do not understand his desire to wear his pajamas....not only his pajamas but his baseball pajamas that are completely worn out and embarrassing at sometimes. But oh well they are only little once...and hopefully soon his out grows these :) I will eventually have to hide these. Also this little dog is best friend. Schnitzel is the dogs name and he goes every where with us. We have to make sure that he is in bed with him at night and covered as well as give him a good night kiss. He also tells everyone that Schnitzel is a good dog and hat he doesn't bite and that he just likes to be petted on his head. Very cute :)

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