Friday, July 17, 2009

Alright here I go...I am going to try and do this whole blog thing. I hope that it will help me keep a better record of the funny things that my kids do and say...I can't believe how fast my boys are growing up and how much fun we have together.

This summer we have been keeping busy...going to the pool, spending time in Oregon with my family and also going to the Neola Rodeo which my boys love. They were pretty tramtized that they did not catch a bunny. I was okay with it though what would I do with a bunny in Salt Lake City? Our cousin talked me into doing the Mother's Pig Chase with her...I almost had the pig I had the head of it but this lady (who wins every year) pull it and layed flat on the pig....but don't worry I will be ready next year now that I know what to do.
I will try to be better at updating this because I love to read everyone else's blog to see how they are doing.


Casey and Kendra said...

Good for you Sarah! Your boys are so cute.

Heather Deputy said...

Hey! Good to see that you are blogging now! I'm not the best blogger either but I try! It does get easier though. Good luck!

The Callahan's said...

I can't believe how big your boys are getting!

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