Thursday, August 20, 2009


Brother: a male sibling, offspring from the same parents. I was thinking a lot about my boys and them being a brother to each other. I looked up the defination and by no way does it describe the relationship that Jackson and Carson have with each other. From the day that Carson was born Jackson became a brother but not only that but a friend, amgio, buddy, comrade, soul mate, backer, chum, ally, protector, defender, comforter, playmate, teacher to Carson. My boys are so good to each other. There is no doubt that they would do ANYTHING for each other. When one is hurt or sad the other one quickly comforts the other. When one doesn't have what he wants the other gives up what they have. They are always making sure that each other is taken care of. They are the best buddies in the world. In my house you will find a lot of doubles of all toys because no matter what the other wants to be doing exactly what the other is doing. I feel so blessed to have two boys that love to play with each other and share so well. Carson and Jackson are a little less then 18 months apart and while I look at others who have them that close and question what I was thinking at the time I would never change it in the world. I guess I am glad I wasn't thinking. What prompted this blog was yesterday during nap they wanted to sleep together and I said no because they don't fall asleep very well that way. Becuse usually the start making each other laugh and I mean laugh really hard. But in the middle of their nap Carson got up and went to the bathroom and I thought he went back to his bed however when I went and check on them he was in the bed with Jackson just wanting to be close to his best friend. I feel so blessed to have two cute sweet boys who love each other so much :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fire Hose Fun!!

On August 12th we went to the Muarry baseball field where the Muarry firefighters came and hooked up their truck to the hydrant and sprayed all the kids. At first Carson was very hesitant and did not want to go by it but after a few times of me running through it with them they thought it was pretty cool and they can't wait until they do it again.

Here they are all wet and excited to be up close to a fire truck! What a great day :)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

UBIC Fun!!

On August 1, 2009 we went out to Roosevelt to attend Rick's 10 class reunion. It was kind of a bummer that most of his high school buddies did not attend but we still had fun. In the evening we attended a big concert in their local park. We were able to enjoy the evening with some of our family. Our kids danced around and had fun. Here are some cute pictures of them. Oh yeah by the way the concert was Eddie Money!! Big names for a big city :)

Here are some pictures that we took of our family before the reunion. We don't have many with the 4 of us. Enjoy :)

Here is our cute little picture of our family :) One of the very few of jus Rick and I.

Bull Riding

I bet that most of you didn't know that we have a real live bull that lives at our house. My boys have become quite the rodeo lovers and anything that goes with it. We act out the rodeo with our many animal toys. Jackson and Carson have about 15 or more horses 8 or more bulls and lots of baby animals, the have many equipments, tractors, horse trailer, cattle trailers, big rigs, flat beds. They even have gates and shoots. But one love they have always had is pretending to ride a bull themselves. Daddy is always been a good sport and being the bull but as they have gotten bigger so has the production of the bull riding. When he is not home they ride their radio flyer rocking horse, where the buck themselves off of it. We now have to get dressed up in our chaps, vest and hats to ride, Dad puts on a rope for them to hold on to. After they get bucked off they must run fast to the fence and jump up so that the bull doesn't get them. Here is a quick video of the news production I hope that it turns out and hopes that Rick doesn't kill me for posting it.