Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Temple Square Christmas Lights


Jackson and Carson actually both looking at me :) Miracle!! The boys and I have the opportunity to go downtown and look at some of the lights at temple square, we had dinner with Rick's mom and headed over to see them. It was fun for the boys to see all the lights. They always talk about the Salt Lake Temple where mom and dad got married and it was so fun to walk around the temple and look at the lights. We also watched the nativity scene, it is so beautiful. Here are a couple of the pictures :)

Me and the boys....

Carson wanted to know when baby Jesus was coming out so he could hold him. The innocence and purity of children.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Tress, Santa and REAL Raindeer :)

I believe if you are going to have a Christmas tree it better be real. Nothing better then having a real Christmas tree in your home. So we go to the best tree lot in Salt Lake Valley it is on 90th South and State street. It has very nice trees and most importantly it has Santa and real raindeer. This makes the whole Christmas tree and decoration complete when you get to see Santa and his raindeer while getting your tree, plus there is not a super long line like at the mall. The Santa is so go there unlike the mall where you get up take a picture and move on this Santa plays games with you and spends a lot time with the kids. While we were there waiting for our tree to load up Santa had the kids take small tree branches and make antlers out of them. He said let's play raindeer games. Very cute and fun for the kids. Here are some pictures of the boys and Santa :) Santa and the boys interacting. He was very fun with the boys :)
Jackson with his antlers getting ready to play raindeer games with Santa and Carson :)
Carson playing raindeer games with Santa and Jackson!

Here are the real raindeer....


Everyday Carson ask me when is it going to snow so that he can go out and play in it. He has big dreams of sledding and making snowmen however we have yet to have a snow this year that will allow us to do those fun things however this will not stop the boys from enjoying what little snow they have. Both Jackson and Carson both think they should wear shorts and sandels everyday no matter how cold it is. I figure at some point they will not like it and change not a battle that is worth fighting for me. Here they are outside dancing in the what little snow we have and of course eating it :)


I have totally been horrible at posted on this BLOG.... I still have not yet figure out how to manage it all. Most days I just want to give up but something keeps me going. But we still manage to live and enjoy life the best we can. My boys are growing up so big and are so much fun. Here are a couple of pictures of them just being themselves. Always playing and wanting to be together. It is amazing how close they are...even we Carson is mad at Jackson for being mean to him and I get mad at Jackson then Carson will yell at me and tell me to be nice to his brother. I guess it works like this, they are the only ones that can be mean to each other or yell at each other. I don't think I have to worry about them taking care of each other in school. Here are my cute little batmans.!!