Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Jackson graduated!!

Jackson is moving on to bigger and better things....KINDERGARTEN!!!

Jackson went to Woodstock elementary for his second year of preschool. He will be attending kindergarten there next fall. I can't believe that I will have a kid in kindergarten, I know most of you reading this have kids in all types of grades or not even in the house but this is a big deal for us. Carson will also be starting preschool next year. Jackson singing her songs...
Jackson getting his diploma..from his teacher Miss Angie.

It doesn't get much better than this...

My Boys are so good with Natalie, I have been very blessed to have not had to deal with any jealous or feeling neglected. Rick and I still try to do special things with each of them even if it is just cuddling them or taking one to the store with us. Rick has take the boys to practice t-ball by themselves several times but regardless of that Jackson and Carson are so excited to be big brothers to Natalie. They always want her to be with them whatever they are doing, they want to feed her, burp her, bath her, play games with her. Some people freak out when they see that I let the boys hold her and even let Jackson carry her around the the main floor but I think it is important that they feel that they are just as important in taking care of her as I am, this is their baby as much as mine and Rick's. They are always calling her beautiful and princess and any other girl name. Here they are having a sleep over in her room, Jackson is feeding her.
Here are all the boys and princess in the middle.

Jackson cuddling Natalie.

Carson was feeding Natalie and feel asleep, this was in the days of when it would take her an hour to eat (those days are gone switched bottles :) )